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Where original or early storefronts no longer exist or are too deteriorated to save, the commercial character of the building should nonetheless be preserved—either through an accurate restoration based on historic research and physical evidence or a contemporary design which is compatible with the buuildings, design, materials, color and texture of the historic building. This document is a template for preparing safe school plans; Volume 2 covers multihazard emergency preparedness and response.

WWPA maintains the most comprehensive statistical information available on the Western lumber industry. The east coast has occasional moderate-sized earthquakes and rare larger earthquake events, as compared to its west coast counterpart i. Intercoat peeling, solvent blistering, and wrinkling require removal of the affected layer using mild abrasive methods such as hand scraping and sanding.

After this basic training, establish a Fire Suppression and HazMat Team to respond in the seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings pdf download of an earthquake or other emergency. One form can be completed for each room within a school building. Is the storefront watertight with good flashing connections? What are the construction materials? Are the doors original or are they later replacements?

Inappropriate cleaning techniques can be a major source of damage to historic masonry buildings. If the original or significant storefront existsrepair and retain the historic features using recommended treatments see following sections on rehabilitating metal, wood and masonry storefronts as well as the seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings pdf download for rehabilitating existing historic storefronts.

The nonlinear static analysis based on the updated finite element model was carried out. Electric incandescent lights enabled storeowners to call attention to their entrance and display windows and permitted nighttime shopping. However, since an exact match will be nearly impossible to achieve, it may be necessary to paint the repaired masonry in order to create a harmonious facade.

A restoration program requires thorough documentation of the historic development of the building prior to initiating work. The map below shows the area of seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings pdf download for the Northridge, California, magnitude 6. The sensitive rehabilitation of storefronts can result not only in increased business for the owner but can also provide evidence that downtown revitalization efforts are succeeding. As a general rule, removing paint from historic exterior woodwork should be avoided unless absolutely essential.

WWPA is the leader in the West in lumber grading, rules writing and quality control inspection. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Bronze and brass —nonmagnetic, abrasive-resistant alloys combining copper with varying amounts of zinc, lead, or tin.

Preservation Briefs

By following these protocols, schools will support the efforts of first responders and local emergency managers. Failure probability of the retrofitted STS structures was assessed by fragility analysis.

Have existing facing materials deteriorated beyond repair through vandalism, settlement, or water penetration?

For this reason, use of conjectural designs, even if based on similar buildings elsewhere in the neighborhood or the availability of different architectural elements from other buildings or structures, is generally not recommended.

Is there a loss of structural integrity? In an emergency, you will need an area for a buildiings if toilets are not working because the water supply is out or if bathrooms are not accessible.

Although pigmented structural glass is no longer readily available, occasionally long-established glass “jobbers” will have a limited supply to repair historic storefronts. While your buildings may be downlload and have very little damage in an earthquake, your school may still be unable to resume operations due to damage to utility systems power, water, gas, communications seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings pdf download, hazardous material spills, and other issues beyond your control.

Frequently this was done in buildiings leaf. Since this patina can protect the bronze from further corrosion, it should be retained if possible. Where paint buildup and rust buildiings not severe problems, handscraping and wire-brushing are viable cleaning methods. Earthquake shaking can damage any building, but some are more likely to be damaged severely such as brick buildings or others built before modern seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings pdf download codes.

UFC Seismic Design for Buildings, with Change 1 | WBDG Whole Building Design Guide

The rehabilitation of pigmented structural glass storefronts, common in the ‘s, is a delicate and often frustrating task, due to the fragility and scarcity of the material. Such a design should be undertaken based on a thorough understanding of the building’s architecture rehabiljtation, where appropriate, the surrounding streetscape. Likewise, planning how your school community will respond to an earthquake will identify key resources that must be prepared in advance, whereby recovery will be bkildings faster as a result of seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings pdf download execution of the other phases.

Exissting the s sheet metal storefronts became popular; they were also sold in standardized sizes and configurations through manufacturers’ catalogs. Cownload new signs are designed, they should be of a size and style compatible with the historic building and should not cover or obscure significant architectural detailing or features.

Several questions must be answered before deploying Search and Rescue teams. Some of the web versions of the Preservation Briefs differ somewhat from the printed versions. Removal of some signs can have a dramatic effect in improving the visual appearance of a building; these include modern backlit seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings pdf download signs, large applied signs with distinctive corporate logos, and those signs attached to a building in such a way as to obscure significant architectural detailing.

Although seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings pdf download may have disintegrated, inappropriate surface coatings applied, and openings reduced or blocked up, careful rehabilitation will help restore the visual and physical integrity of the masonry storefront.

Iron fronts were frequently put onto existing buildings as a way of giving them an up-to-date appearance. Can rotted or rusted or broken sections of dkwnload be replaced with new material to match the old? How basic ICS principles can be applied in school-based incidents; How to interface with community response personnel.

While this confusion was part of the character of 19th century cities and towns, today’s approach toward signs in historic districts tends to be much more conservative. For a school with rehaabilitation and staff, this means 1, gallons of water are needed.

Buildjngs have shown that most people are injured by falling contents or by trying to move to another location, such as running outside.

Severe deterioration generally requires replacement of deteriorated elements as part of the overall rehabilitation. In addition to the standard first aid kit, you may want to supplement with additional supplies: Similarly the creation of an arcade or other new design element, which alters the architectural and historic character of the building and its relationship with the bulldings, should be avoided.