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Afternoon I would like to know how to go about building a log home where can I see the specifications that I need to build the house according to? Energy Efficiencyhttp: Buildings sans 10400 xa pdf download use energy because people occupy them are the main focus of these sand regulations.

Free Downloads – Building Regulations South Africa

If you know an expert in this field kindly advice or provide me wt their name and contact details. Since thatch does deteriorate over time, it may not comply at this time. These deal with sans 10400 xa pdf download, and they are available as stand-alone units from the SABS — each individually priced. The garage wall is directly boarded with my neibough.

The Act that governs the National Building Regulations has been amended several times, most recently in when some major changes were made.

For further information, read: I will like to transform my garage into a duning room. See the SABS online store for details. Safal Steel Supplier of sans 10400 xa pdf download steel and roofing products. Note that when you purchase the individual parts of the building regulations from the SABS, they will incorporate the updated legislation in full.

In our private garden we have a jacuzzi in the one corner. E-mail required but will remain confidential and not be published. Hotels are the only residential buildings to which the Performance Route is applicable; it cannot be used for residential homes.

XA1 — says that buildings should utilise energy efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with a checklist of requirements. It is intended sans 10400 xa pdf download be legislated in August this year, which means the current act will be revoked.

At last they are complete! Useful Building Documents all in One Place If you know where to look, you can find an enormous amount of useful information, including legislation and official documents that will assist you with your building projects. You do sans 10400 xa pdf download the option of getting an Agrement Certificate as Penny suggested.

It is a constant problem. If an addition does not affect an existing building, then only the sans 10400 xa pdf download will require regulatory compliance. In each of the parts featured on this website, we have included a short commentary on how these have changed since sans 10400 xa pdf download some parts have changed little, others have been radically altered. If you wait a few more months, this method is proposed to be the primary method on which the new act is based.

XA3 — makes it so that compliance with the XA1 Regulations can be achieved by one of three methods. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. What part the regulation can i consult?

Demolition Work, and Part U: Three routes to compliance The Prescriptive Route can xq followed by all persons and is generally used for houses and smaller buildings. Marlene Van Eeden says: Energy performance certification of buildingshttp: Popular Latest Comments Tags. Regulating energy use So san buildings are affected?

Some of these may be useful to home builders and owner builders, simply because the standards are generic. Sans 10400 xa pdf download not, contact them and check.

Nkandla — At What Cost?

The requirements sans 10400 xa pdf download the services are doanload in SANS Does this mean that the roof was originally installed as per the SANS regulations, or that it is currently complying to the SANS regulation? If you simply want to read through standards, you can do so at your leisure in a library at one of the SABS offices. We want to put up a carport structure 2.

There are 21 parts that currently comprise SANS I know we need the approval from our body corporate, but do we need plans for such a small carport? Can you kindly inform me on an application to erect a minor building work for storage of petroleum gas sans 10400 xa pdf download same does require building plans when considering that one may be exempted from submitting a plan.

Document Downloads

Two additional parts of the legislation, Part 104000 No rational design is required with this route. Encouraging energy efficiency There are three routes to compliance in the wording of the Regulation: Those renovations to existing buildings that require planning approval from a local authority also need sans 10400 xa pdf download be compliant.

There are no separate specifications for different types of houses. The same logic applies to factories and the operational aspects of businesses.