Page Press the 1 button to enter Playback mode. Press the shutter button halfway. Page Follow Step 2 on p. Click here when you want to Procedures change the image size or image quality settings, then click [Custom Select a task from the left Settings] to change settings. Got it, continue to print. It holds the DPOF settings files. Page Troubleshooting Computer Cannot transfer images to a computer.

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You can skip forward and skip backward during movie playback by pressing the qr buttons.

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Some computers will not awaken properly if you disconnect the camera while they are in sleep standby mode. Since erased images cannot be recovered, exercise adequate caution before erasing. Make Greater Shots Shooting Tips. Movie Editing Panel Set the editing range.

G stands canon powershot a3300 is Program AE. Table iss Contents Chapters 1 — 3 explain the basic operations and frequently used functions of this camera. If you set the power saving function to [Off], be sure to turn the camera off after use.

Press the qr buttons to choose [OK], then press the m button. Follow Step 2 on p. Editing Editing You can trim the beginnings and ends of recorded movies.

Including the battery and memory poqershot Approx.

Canon PowerShot Manual

Rotating Images You can change the orientation of an image and save it. Moving the zoom lever toward i will zoom canon powershot a3300 is on your subject, making it appear larger. Images on the camera Cancels image selection. Tag Images as Favorites Save as a new image and display.

If you release your finger from the shutter button canon powershot a3300 is press the o button again, will disappear and FE will unlock. Stay connected for easier storage and sharing. You can use the included software to transfer images you have shot with the camera to a computer for viewing. Shooting With Slow Synchro Shooting with Slow Synchro You can make the main subject, such as people, appear bright by having the camera provide the appropriate illumination with the flash.

PowerShot Cameras Support – Download drivers, software, manuals – Canon Europe

Add New Hardware Wizard displays when the camera is connected to the computer with an interface cable. All selections will be cleared. When putting the camera in your bag, ensure that hard objects do not come into contact with the screen. Page Things to Mastering More Advanced Appendices Remember the Basics Techniques Creating Panoramic Images — PhotoStitch You can create wide panoramic images by moving the camera slightly when recording a series of images and merging them into one image.

Page Specifications Powesrhot Type These settings will be overwritten with those set by your camera. Canon powershot a3300 is Precautions If liquids or foreign objects come into contact with the camera interior, immediately turn canon powershot a3300 is camera power off and remove the battery.

Page Troubleshooting Image is blurred. The last image you took ls appear. Adjusting The Screen Brightness Move the zoom lever to choose the 3 tab. After pressing the m button, press the qr buttons canon powershot a3300 is choose [OK], then press the m button again.

Attach the camera to a tripod to prevent the camera from moving and blurring the image. When you set the delay for more than 2 seconds, the lamp and self-timer canon powershot a3300 is speed up 2 seconds before the shutter releases the lamp remains lit when the flash will fire.


Other Products Other Products. Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended. Canon powershot a3300 is more to the right, the stronger the Tone warm red tones get, the more to the left, the the stronger the cool blue tones get. A 17″ wide format professional printer with an Color plus Chroma Optimizer ink system that does it all.

Press the o button.