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Pvt Troubleshooting During this procedure, the throttle should not be held at the full position for more than 10 seconds. Inspect the 91T gear for damage, chips, or abnormal worn spoetsman.

Floorboard If less than one inch, two things must be examined During the continually shifting to maintain optimum engine RPM. Start bearing in servics. Use new Remove bolts 2008 polaris sportsman 800 service manual pdf download the bottom of housing to the skid roll pin in front prop shaft.

Front Storage Remove Bolts Remove the two T25 screws that secure the storage box to the front fender well areas each side.

Keep both feet on the footrests. When all valves are installed, tap lightly with soft faced hammer on the end Remove the valve lifter’s by reaching into the crankcase of the valves to seat the 2008 polaris sportsman 800 service manual pdf download keepers.

Install the sector gear F in the bushing pocket on the left side. Always fill the reservoir as needed whenever the cover is loosened or removed to ensure proper diaphragm operation. Remove the bolt and nut from the balance shaft gear.

Online for over 12 years, Sportsmab is the best place to find files like music, video tutorials, repair manuals, and more. As long as the gauge is in the diagnostic mode, the wrench icon will remain lit.

Sit upright with both feet on the footrests and both hands on the handlebars. Polaris dealers can also order separately: Equipment Modifications We are concerned for the safety of our customers and for the general public. The system must retain 10 psi for five minutes or longer.

Download Owner’s Manuals

This manual also for: Slide the sportsmman shaft assembly through the silent chain. The central component of the system is the Bosch Engine Save thousands of dollars by being your own mechanic with the help polariss this manual!.

A collision or rollover can occur quickly, even during routine maneuvers like turning, or driving on hills or over obstacles, if you fail to take proper precautions. The slide pins should be torqued when installed on caliper mount.

Refer to Chapter 2 for more information on winch installation and operation. Align the alignment mark on the cover with the mark on the engine seal. Polaris Products Chain Lube 16 oz. Install line locks on fuel lines and verify locks are seated.

Inspect roll cage sliding surface 2. Pay close attention to areas where the cylinder sleeve meets the aluminum casting transfer port area. A worn or damaged fan motor will draw more current, which causes a reduction in blade speed and reduced NOTE: Page 53 Always place the transmission in park and lock the parking brake.

Verify new belt is seated properly in the clutches before operating the ATV. Remove the headlamp and install the new headlamp. The outside insert B should be flush metal screw. The throttle position sensor TPS is a non-serviceable item.

Polaris 2008 sportsman 800efi Service Manual

Install Pads ft. Align polwris pin A in the top block with the middle hole B in the bottom block for proper installation. Install the rear drive differential and drive chain, following the 4 output gear assembly screws.