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Power distribution box 6. Page 45 Lights Note: Recreational Towing Tires, Wheels and Loading Exceeding these limits may allow water to enter critical vehicle components, adversely affecting driveability, emissions, reliability and causing internal transmission damage. Page Driving Avoid excessive speed because vehicle momentum can work against you and cause the vehicle to become stuck to the point that assistance may be required from another vehicle.

Lukasz Czaru so many fake sites. Register a free 1 month Trial 2004 mazda tribute owners manual pdf download. Additional equipment may affect the performance of the airbag sensors increasing the risk of injury.

Always come to a complete stop before shifting into and out of R Reverse. Refer to Inflating your tires in the Tires, Wheels manuxl Loading chapter.

Mazda Tribute Manuals

You could move out of position to control the vehicle. Entertainment Systems Sample MP3 structure If you are burning your own MP3 2004 mazda tribute owners manual pdf download, it is tribite to understand how the system will read the structures ownres create. Your IKTs are programmed to your vehicle; Placing a child, 12 years or younger, in the front seat is dangerous.

Page 90 Locks and Security Please read and understand the entire procedure before you begin. Seating and Safety Restraints Note: Introduction These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle. Maintenance and Specifications Changing rear window wiper blade The rear wiper arm is designed without a service position.

Mazda Tribute Owner’s Manual

Wait until the weather clears before trying to drive with the wipers inoperative. This will automatically return the vehicle to the previously set speed. See Adding engine coolant in the Maintenance and Specifications section.

Do not put engine coolant in the windshield washer fluid reservoir. They may cause squeaking, chatter noise, streaking and smearing. Using a screwdriver or similar tool, carefully pry out the small Brake Transmission Shift Interlock BTSI cover cap located to 2004 mazda tribute owners manual pdf download right of the gearshift lever.

O off 2004 mazda tribute owners manual pdf download Rear wiper and washer off. All occupants of the vehicle including the driver should always wear their seat belts even when an airbag SRS and side-curtain airbags are provided.

NEVER place a rear-facing child seat in front of an active airbag. Never drive through water that is higher than the bottom of the wheel rims for cars or the bottom of the hubs for trucks. Index Index refill capacities Snow tires must be the same size, load index, speed mqnual as those originally provided by Mazda. Maximum Tributf Inflation Pressure: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Lubricate Maintenance Interval Number of months or km mileswhichever comes first Months Maintenance Item x miles Dry the area with a soft cloth. Unless all safety procedures are followed, injury could result. Climate Controls Passenger heated seat control if equipped: Park on a level surface, set the parking brake and activate hazard flashers.

When ethanol is produced for use in motor fuels, a small amount of gasoline is added to make it unfit for beverage use.

Free Mazda Tribute Owners Manual

This could lead to vehicle damage or an accident and injuries. Page Maintenance and Specifications 1. Do not touch them after inflation. If a replacement oil filter is used that does not meet Mazda material and design specifications, start-up engine noises dowjload knock may be experienced. The camera is a reverse aid supplement device that still requires the driver to use it in 2004 mazda tribute owners manual pdf download with the rearview mirror and the side mirrors for maximum coverage.

Do not do the following: Fuel vapor burns violently and a fuel fire can cause severe injuries.