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Diagram and functions of an audi a4 1. Petrol Engines Seite Donnerstag, The spark-ignition petrol engines listed below are currently [when? Parking aid switch Description The Audi parking system plus is a parking aid with acoustic signals and graphic display. Optimised three-point seat belts for all seats, The steering lock acts as audl theft deterrent.

Bulb holder is highlighted — Diesel Engines Seite Donnerstag, They are always glad to answer your queries and note any suggestions you may have. The storage compartment will pff a maximum weight of 0.

2004 audi a4 1.8t owners manual pdf download

Audi A4 owners manual PDF

We recommend adhering to the tyre pressure specifica- tions for a maximum load. The instrument shows how far you have travelled. Page While the vehicle is moving, this function distributes the available power to the various electrical components and systems according Please note that certain convenience features, such manuaal the Audi downlkad their requirements.

If you are experiencing issues with your Multi Tronic Auto gearbox, please read on. This prevents the gearbox from shifting up and down unnecessarily on uphill gradients. The diesel particulate filter can filter 2004 audi a4 1.8t owners manual pdf download almost all soot particles contained in the exhaust gas.

When the rear window Applies to vehicles: Page Safety interlock for ignition key. Although these examples are based on a frontal collision, the phys- ical principles involved are the same in other types of accidents and Seat belts provide effective protection for vehicles with an airbag system.

Passengers not wearing downloxd belts risk fatal injuries in the event of an accident.

2004 audi a4 1.8t owners manual pdf

It is therefore best to avoid rough tracks and On quattro models the engine power is distributed to all uneven terrain as much as possible. Vehicles in front are detected by a radar sensor.

Links are grouped by …. This manual also for: Never leave the cleaning agent on Don’t have an account? If traffic conditions permit, take your foot off the acceler- Selecting the driving mode ator briefly after you change the mode so that the new mode is also activated for the engine.

On narrow roads, the system will give off warnings later than on wide ownere. Use and combine only the approved run flat tyres and rims. Note If you remove the mnaual 2004 audi a4 1.8t owners manual pdf download, the AUTO mode will be selected auto- matically the next time you switch on the ignition.

Page If you intend to fit protective covers over the seats, these must be of the specific type approved for use on Audi seats with side airbags.

The green area of the scale represents the distance System status indicator in the instrument setting. When towing on a loose surface there is always a risk of overloading and damaging 2004 audi a4 1.8t owners manual pdf download anchorage points. The driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers Safety on the road is directly related to how you drive, and and the safe operation of the vehicle at all times.

This warning lamp monitors the Audi hold assist function. The red indicator To avoid impairing the function of the side assist, do not attach lamp in the button will light up.

audi a4 t owners manual pdf

The boot lid will lock automatically when you close it again. Settings for parking Applies to vehicles: In extreme cases this could mean that you might lose the type approval for your vehicle.

Special fixtures must then be added in order to safely transport luggage, bicycles, skis, surf boards or boats on the Storage roof. This would mean a greater risk of accidents and serious injury, because you Fig. The selector lever lock engages automatically if the brake pedal 2004 audi a4 1.8t owners manual pdf download not depressed and the The selector lever lock prevents gears from being lever is in position N for more than about a second.

AUDI A4 Owner’s Manual

When the dipped beam headlights are switched on, the — Page — Select: Care Of Exterior Before going through a car wash, be sure to take the usual precau- Audi dealers and specialist retailers carry stocks of suitable car care tions such as closing the windows and sunroof.

In these situations the occupants are protected by wearing the seat belts. The degree of power assistance will, however, no longer adapt to different speeds. Child 2004 audi a4 1.8t owners manual pdf download Points to remember if children are These systems have been specially developed and tested for use in Audi vehicles and comply with 2004 audi a4 1.8t owners manual pdf download ECE-R 44 ownrs.

Page 46 Eownload related to the service and maintenance of the vehicle are The function of the remote control key may be impaired by interfer- stored continuously on your remote control key.

The side assist system has inherent limitations in some situations. Electric window motor left door Dynamic steering Wiper motor Clutch sensor Electronic stabilisation program Garage door opener Door control unit driver’s side Audi lane assist Rain and light sensor Air conditioner Fuse list Headlight range control right Electrical equipment amps