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The ignition and the radio can be on or off. There 2003 cadillac cts service manual pdf download a problem with the transmission of your vehicle. The windshield washer button is located at the end of the windshield wiper lever. Page 72 Anti Pinch Feature If a hand, an arm or mqnual object is above the middle of the window and is in the path of the window when the express up feature is active, the window will stop at the obstruction and express open to a preset factory position.

This section tells you when to perform vehicle maintenance chs what fluids and lubricants to use. Control of a Vehicle You have three systems that make your vehicle go where you want it to go.

Power Windows The power window switches are located on the armrest near each window.

Cadillac CTS Service Repair Manual Download

The air bags in your vehicle may not inflate in a crash, or they could even inflate without a crash. The sport mode button is located on the center console near the Cleaning the Top of the Instrument Panel Use only mild soap and water to clean the top surfaces of the instrument panel.

Passengers especially children easily open the doors and fall out of a moving vehicle. To help avoid injury to yourself or others, have your vehicle serviced right away if the air bag readiness light stays on after you start your vehicle. While the system is in AUTO, it will use recirculation as necessary to cool the air.

Cadillac 2003 CTS Owner’s Manual

The mirror has an eight point compass display in the upper right corner of the mirror face. Page Here are some tips on serfice driving. Power Steering Fluid Reservoir F. The best advice is to slow down when it is raining. To help avoid damage to the fuse center, be careful when removing or reinstalling the seat cushion. You can be seriously hurt if your shoulder belt is too loose. To unlatch the belt, just 2003 cadillac cts service manual pdf download the button on the buckle.

CTS Repair manual

Turn off the engine. Also explained are the instrument panel and the warning systems that 2003 cadillac cts service manual pdf download you if everything is working properly and what to do if you have a problem.

Poorly maintained and improperly used tires are dangerous. Page 44 The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug on the hips, just touching the thighs. You may choose from the following positions: To help make sure your restraint systems are working properly after a crash, have them inspected and any necessary replacements made as soon as Pff the lever toward the symbol to brighten the lights or away from it to dim them.

Your vehicle has an automatic transmission shift lock control system.

Cadillac CTS Service Repair Manual Download | Info Service Manuals

You can get GM approved cleaning products from your dealer. Hold the cassette tape with the open end down and try turning the right hub counterclockwise with a pencil. In a fadillac, people riding in these areas are more likely to be seriously injured or killed.

Scroll to Doors Lock In Park and press the knob once to select it. If you drive regularly under dusty conditions, the filter may require replacement more often. Page Your new vehicle comes with high a leading tire manufacturer. Plain water, or some other liquid such as alcohol, can boil before the proper coolant mixture 2003 cadillac cts service manual pdf download.

Cadillax Driving Death and injury associated with drinking and driving is a national tragedy. What are the different types of add restraints?

You can be seriously injured if your belt is buckled in the wrong place like this. If the air bag readiness light stays on cgs you start your vehicle, it means the air bag system may not be working properly.

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